Zhuang Primers and Apps

In addition to the primers apps posted here, we recommend the following works for learning to read the national Zhuang orthographic system as applied to the Zhuang language varieties of Yunnan province:

Lu Baocheng. 2006. Sw Doakgoanq Nenhjih Daih’aet Doag. [First Grade Primer]. (Parts 1 and 2). Kunming: Yunnan Nationalities Press.

Lu Baocheng, Wei Mingying. 2014. Zhuang Yu Jiaocheng [Zhuang Language Curriculum]. Yunnan Ethnic Culture Series. Kunmingː Yunnan University Press.

Lu Shengxiong. 2018. SAWCUENGH Zhuang Wen [Zhuang Orthography].

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